In Saskatoon as in most cities across Canada, there are health professional shortage areas which contribute to an increased risk of health issues including dental emergencies. People who live in underserviced areas are more likely to develop tooth decay that goes unchecked and other serious health problems. BLOK Dental is committed to increasing access to professional dental care in underserved populations. 

Increasing access to professional preventive dental care in Saskatoon

As demonstrated in this UofS study, there is a significant disparity of dental care service providers in Saskatoon’s west-central neighborhoods surrounding Blok Dental; West Downtown, Mayfair, Hudson Bay Park, Mount Royal, Westmount, Caswell Hill, Meadow Green, Holiday Park, King George, and Riversdale. In these areas, there is a smaller concentration of dentists and a higher concentration of populations with multiple barriers to healthcare access combined with increased risk. Although we still have a long way to go in filling these gaps in access and availability of health care services, we recognize our part as one of the few professional dental care providers in Saskatoon’s “dental care desert”.

Group dental benefits and financing for Saskatoon small businesses

BLOK Dental is proud to serve small businesses in Riversdale, Caswell Hill, Downtown, and beyond. Entice your employees with benefits by signing up for our in-house corporate dental plan! We offer small business group benefits and employer co-payment options. With access to dental insurance so limited for many, you can make life easier for your employees by offering corporate dental care benefits through BLOK Dental. 

You can find more information about our flexible financing options and group dental benefits plans in this blog. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in registering your small business for group benefits or dental financing. 

BLOK Dental is accepting new patients and serving Saskatoon newcomers

If you live in Saskatoon, especially within the neighbourhoods of the west-central “dental care desert”, we welcome you to our clinic! Everyone is welcome here. We work in exclusive collaboration with The Open Door Society and the Global Gathering Place to offer dental care services for newcomers to Saskatoon, with the support of community translators whenever needed. We are proud and happy to welcome all refugees and newcomers to our clinic. 

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