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Orthodontic Care at Your Dentist’s Office

The advancement of clear aligner technology means that now dental studios can provide orthodontic solutions in certain circumstances that are less invasive and don’t require the installation of fixed orthodontic appliances such as brackets and wires used for metal braces.

Our preferred provider of clear aligners is the well known Invisalign product. It is an effective alternative to braces and uses technology that involves clear aligner trays that fit over your teeth tightly and help move your teeth to the desired position over time.

If you are interested in how this treatment can improve your smile, please ask your BLOK dental professional. We will determine what options are available to you!

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If your BlOK Dental Studio dentist believes you would benefit from the expertise of an orthodontist, we will refer you to one of our partners for an assessment.

FAQs About Invisalign

We have included some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our patients about utilizing Invisalign®. However, please contact us to arrange a consultation so that we can provide you with the guidance and information needed to determine if this option is best for you.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a type of treatment that straightens your teeth using custom-made invisible aligners. It does not require invasive installation of metal appliances, but rather a tray that slips on over your teeth and gradually adjusts them. The adjustment of your teeth is based on a movement plan that is outlined by your dental professional.

The team at BLOK Dental Studio are able to answer any questions you may have on this option and will assess your smile to determine if this is a treatment option that would work for you.

Is Invisalign® cheaper than braces?

Invisalign® treatment is a customized treatment process – much like braces. There is no set price as there are many variables that are taken into consideration when determining the right way to use Invisalign® to reach your smile goals.

The BLOK dental team can explain all the options available and determine if Invisalign® is a cost effective and reasonable option for you.

What does Invisalign® involve?

Invisalign ® treatment starts with understanding what your goals are. Your BLOK Dental team will then take digital impressions and x-rays if needed so they can determine a customized treatment plan for you.

Once this treatment plan is complete, custom aligners will be ordered for you. These aligners slip on over top of your teeth and gradually and gently move your teeth according to the plan that has been laid out for you.

The custom aligners are worn 24/7, with the exception of eating or drinking liquids other than water. They need to be removed to eat and after flossing and brushing, must be put on again over your teeth. As the fit is very tight over your teeth, it is vital to have very good dental hygiene practices in order to prevent food and bacteria from being trapped in your teeth and causing tooth decay.

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