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We understand that the costs associated with some dental procedures can cause financial stress for many folks who are without, or have minimal dental insurance. Flexible financing and payment plans, as well as our in-house small-business group benefits, could go a long way to reducing the pressurelet us know how we can help!

In-House Dental Benefits Plan for your Small Business

If you own or work for a small business and want to start enjoying discounts on dental work, you can register your company with BLOK Dental Studio and get a group discount for all of your staff and their dependents. It’s a great way to create a value-added incentive for your staff, and it won’t cost you anything. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Employers register their business with BLOK Dental Studio, at no cost. 
  • Employers provide their staff with confirmation of employment letters. 
  • Staff members enjoy corporate group discounts on their dental appointments (Tier 1). 
  • Employers have the option to co-finance dental work for select employees, above and beyond the group discount. (Tier 2)

Tier 1 Small Business Group Benefits

When you register your business with us, a preferential rate (in the form of a corporate discount) will become applicable to ALL employees and their dependents. Your employees will call to schedule appointments for themselves or their dependents, indicating the name of the business they are employed with. Upon arrival to their appointment, employees show their confirmation of employment letter, which is attached to their file, activating the preferential rates as follows:

  • 15% off all preventive and basic services including cleanings, exams, fillings, root canals, and more.
  • 10% off major cosmetic services such as crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, whitening
  • 20% surgical procedures such as extractions or periodontal surgeries. 
  • Special pricing for invisalign and dental implants.

Tier 2 Group Benefit & Employer Co-Payment

In addition to the Tier 1 preferential rates applicable to them as your employees, select or senior staff will enjoy the added bonus of having their dental procedures co-financed by you, their employer. You will need to provide your superstar employees with a confirmation of a co-payment letter they can bring to their appointment with them in order to secure this payment option. 

After your employee visits us for their discounted dental exam and we outline a treatment plan for further dental work, an estimate will be sent to you, the employer. The employer then has the opportunity to cover any portion of the estimate for the employee’s dental treatments. The employee is responsible for paying any remaining balance themselves.

Flexible Financing with Paybright 

Are you putting off important dental work because you don’t have dental insurance? We understand the stress of financial strain, and we have financing options available to help lessen the load so you can get your dental work done before things get worse. With Paybright, you have the option of making monthly payments over 6 to 60 months, or breaking your dental bill up into 4 one-time installments, interest-fee. 

How it works:

Before your appointment at our clinic, you’ll need to pre-qualify for Paybright here. When you receive a comprehensive treatment plan from your dentist after your dental exam, an estimate will be sent to Paybright for approval. Then, Paybright pays BLOK Dental and you make convenient, spaced-out payments to Paybright. 

We offer flexible Financing and Payment Plans

Your dental procedures don’t need to cause financial strain. If you do not currently have dental insurance, you might be eligible for our flexible payment plans so you can pay small amounts over time. Register your small business with BLOK Dental Studio for even more savings! To find out more, we are only a phone call away. 

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