BLOK dental is committed to excellence in dentistry, and we are always busy behind the scenes keeping abreast of new developments in dental technology so that we can bring you the very best the industry has to offer in oral health services. This includes the latest technologies in prevention, cosmetic dentistry, restorative treatments, and orthodontics—right here in Saskatoon. We are proud to offer expertise in Digital Smile Design and Invisalign services to successfully treat a diversity of patients and conditions. 

New Gold Plus Invisalign provider taking patients in Saskatoon

Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth using custom-made invisible aligner trays instead of metal braces. Get answers to frequently asked Invisalign questions and learn more about Invisalign at our clinic 

At BLOK dental, your Invisalign trays are designed digitally, in-house by your dentist after your consultation. Using a series of custom-made trays, your teeth will be gradually adjusted based on a movement plan that is outlined by your BLOK dentist, with the support of advanced digital technology. Our clinic uses the exclusive GLR Invisalign treatment planning engine—a software that includes a 3D visual interface to provide the most efficient and fastest outcome using Invisalign. This allows us to effectively and accurately design treatment plans and Invisalign trays custom to you and your goals.

Modern Dentistry and Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is an integrative approach to modern dentistry that allows us to complete comprehensive digital plans for the most precise cosmetic enhancements and restorative treatments from our Saskatoon clinic. We design a digital 3D smile that you can “try on” before committing to the full treatment plan. Digital Smile Design enables you to make informed decisions about your dental treatment plans in a collaboration with your dentist.

Digital Smile Design software uses imaging and digital intraoral scans to produce very accurate 3D visual representations of the results, so we can adjust the plans based on desired outcomes. With this technology, we can more easily consider the patient’s total health and well being, taking into account their face shape, complexion, speech patterns, and more, to customize a treatment tailored with precision to each patient. Digital Smile Design helps us address everything from the airway passage and snoring or sleep apnea, to a fully customized cosmetic enhancement plan.

Our purpose is to help you find your best smile

When a patient is happy with the look, feel, and function of their teeth after our treatments, it makes our world go ‘round! We treat people of all ages, genders, and races. To all of our orthodontic and cosmetic dental patients—your new confidence is worth celebrating!

Your joy is what makes you YOU—and your smile is a reflection of that. In fact, your smile is your “introduction card” to the rest of your world. With our Invisalign patient celebration program, patients who have completed Invisalign or cosmetic treatments will have an opportunity to get pampered by Holly Decker and Karyn Kimberley of @wearethesocialconsultants who will do your makeup and take professional headshots to commemorate the time in your life when your smile has you looking and feeling your absolute best, courtesy of your dentists at BLOK dental studio in Saskatoon. 


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Meet Holly

For Holly, makeup is a way to celebrate beauty in all its forms, people in their diversity, and her own personal desire to create. She has been a makeup artist for 17 years, and whether her clients are musicians or actors, models, brides, graduates, or everyday people wanting to try something new, Holly never forgets a face and she’s sure to bring out the best in you with her makeup artistry.

Meet Karyn

Karyn is a photographer, content creator, and social media strategist. With a penchant for beautiful things, she is driven by design, esthetics, and social culture. She has a keen eye for detail and a love for capturing your unique self. She loves working together with Holly to make magic with you!

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