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Wouldn’t it be nice if your beloved pets could come to your dental appointments with you? With virtual dental consultations, they can! Get advice from a dentist at our clinic, from the comfort of your home. To reduce unnecessary visits to our office and increase access to professional dental advice, and make dental care more convenient, BLOK Dental Studio offers virtual consultations via zoom.


Friendly local dental clinic inviting new Saskatoon patients. 

We want to make the process of finding a new dentist easy. Have you just moved to Saskatoon? Looking for a new dentist near you? Why not go virtual for your first appointment with us! Even if you have never been to our clinic before, your first appointment can be a virtual one; this gives you the chance to get to know your new dentist online before making a trip in person. When you’re ready, we’re conveniently located in the heart of Riversdale, right near downtown and Caswell neighbourhoods. 


What can a dentist do for me during a virtual appointment? 

While we can’t offer dental exams or cleanings virtually, there are many reasons you may want to speak to a dentist without the need of coming into our clinic. During your private 20 minute appointment, you can ask questions and receive advice about your oral health situation from one of our dentists. 

Why choose a virtual consultation over a clinic appointment? 

A virtual consultation is just as effective as an in-clinic appointment if you want to:

  • inquire about a new treatment option or procedure
  • ask your dentist about a dental concern you or your children are having
  • get advice on how to handle a chipped tooth or other damage to your teeth
  • follow up after a treatment or procedure
  • learn about Invisalign or tooth whitening
  • explore getting fitted for dentures 
  • ask questions or seek general advice 

Saskatoon shines—and so can your smile! A dentist’s best compliment is your healthy smile.


Virtual appointments offer a convenient dental care solution for anyone who…

  • lives outside of town
  • doesn’t have access to childcare
  • is self-isolating, immunocompromised, or close to someone immunocompromised
  • doesn’t have access to transportation 
  • is travelling or away from home
  • just moved away and needs to speak with their dentist!


Book your virtual dental consultation with BLOK today

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If it is challenging for you to come into our clinic for any reason, or if you are more comfortable avoiding the clinic at this time, we would be pleased to book you in for a virtual dental consultation. With virtual consultations, dental care is now safer, more convenient,  and more accessible than ever! Talk to us today to schedule your virtual appointment

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